Coca-Cola clocks may be either modern replicas or authentic vintage models. Either can be very valuable. New clocks containing sophisticated electronic chronometers and replicas of the old clocks may be just as expensive as the real vintage ones. They may even cost more at a sale or auction. The making of vintage replicas is a thriving business which sometimes provides an affordable alternative to the real thing. In these fast moving times with video games and computers enticing children of all ages, it can be tough to get your kids to play outside with friends, let alone to do something together with their family. Having something that families like to do together is a good thing and collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia fits that bill for many families quite nicely. At first it might seem surprising that "collecting" could be something that could bring a family together and not be something that one generation is simply enduring for the benefit of the other. But that is where collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia is almost unique. Because Coke has been around for so long, it spans the generations so that there is truly something for everyone. Those who love antiques have their older Coke memorabilia to look for and learn about and those who like keeping current and are fans of pop-culture have limited edition collectibles being released in current times.

K Line Campbell's Train Cars And K Line Coca-Cola BoxcarK-line Coca-Cola Circus Flat Car w/ 2 Wagons K-666802 K-Line K691-5101 Coca-Cola AutoCarrier Car with 3 Red Ford Thunderbirds NIB K-LINE K-6447 COCA COLA HISTORICAL CHRISTMAS EDITION BOXCAR #6447K-line Coca-Cola 1993 2-Bay Coal Hopper Car w/ Coal Load K62512 USEDK-LINE BY LIONEL SCALE COCA COLA WOOD SIDE REEFER CAR! O COKE SODA POP FREIGHTK-Line K-7520 Coca-Cola "For All Seasons" Winter Reefer Car with BoxK-Line Coca Cola Coke O Gauge #6132 Illuminated Train Car CabooseK-Line K-6616 K-Line Coca Cola Flat Car W/1991 HARTOY AHL MACK COE DELIVERY COCAK-LINE COCA COLA SET W/ DIESEL ENGINE AND 15” PASSENGER CARS FOR COKEK-Line O Scale Coca-Cola Historical Christmas Boxcar w/ Santa Car #K641-5104K-Line K-653602 Coca-Cola "For All Seasons" Fall Gondola Car with BoxK-Line K-6471 Coca-Cola "For All Seasons" Spring Box Car with BoxK-LINE, 1998 COCA-COLA CHRISTMAS FREIGHT CAR, O GUAGEK-Line Coca-Cola FOR ALL SEASONS Gondola #K-653602 -Christmas Train O/271997 K-Line K641-5105 Coca Cola Dr. John Pemberton Box Car First ServingK-Line Coca-Cola O Gauge Car 6140 Box car Ultra RareK-Line K621-5101 Coca Cola 2000 Holiday Hopper EX/BoxK-LINE K1000-100 COCA-COLA TTAX MODEL RAILROAD TRACTOR TRAILER TRAIN SET- NIBCoca Cola Red 1930's car 2nd in series K-line train diecast 3.5"L BRAND NEWK-line Coca-Cola 1993 2-Bay Coal Hopper Car w/ Coal Load K62512 NEWK-Line K6632 Coca-Cola Flat Car NO Tractor Trailer.Vintage Coca-Cola, Flat Car with 2 1930's Trucks, No. K661-5104, In Box