The Pepsi-Cola Company believed the change was due to the fact that Pepsi-Cola's product tasted better. The CEO of the Pepsi-Cola wrote a letter to every major newspaper in the United States, declaring victory. Only 87 days after new Coke was introduced, old Coke was brought back on July 10, 1985. The fall in market share from a high of 15% to a low of 1. 4% as well as consumer complaints lead to the decision to bring back the original formula. The return of "Classic" Coke interrupted ABC's "General Hospital" to break the news. The original formula was sold in addition to the new version, by 1986, the new Coke, only had a 3% market share. In 1990, it was renamed, Coke II, but had virtually vanished, although it is still sold in the Midwest of the United States. Today, consumers are becoming more health-conscious. The Food Standards Agency conducts surveys to track changes in behavior and attitude, with regards to food standards and safety, allowing trends to be measured. People are taking a more active interest in their diet by checking labels, and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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