They were often given to store owners free of charge as an incentive to be used in the store. Some clocks were quite simple in design while others were more elaborate and incorporated things such as neon lighting. Some collectors find these neon clocks to be art and display them as such or they incorporate them into the decor of their home. Others like having a simple and practical timepiece that also incorporates a favorite brand. In addition to the vintage and older Coca-Cola clocks, in more modern times all sorts of watches and clocks have been made and continue to be very popular items. They make perfect gifts for Coke aficionados of course, but many who don't have collections still have a fondness for the brand and enjoy even a single item. Clocks, after all, are imminently practical. There are even pins made that are replicas of these Coca-Cola clocks, and people who specialize in pin collections and those who specifically collect advertising and logo clocks all seem to enjoy these attractive pins. They make excellent decorations for gift packages as well, and can hint at the kind of present inside to tease a collector. Coca-Cola clocks may be either modern replicas or authentic vintage models. Either can be very valuable.

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