The collector always keeps an eye out for any piece of memorabilia that is interesting, offbeat, rare, or fun. Many individuals feel good when they look over Coke collectibles. Indeed, the long running slogan "Have a Coke and a smile!" has worked its way into our collective consciousness. That is not the only instances of the beverage company hiring savvy marketing people. Coke has long used Saint Nicholas to draw people to their product. Indeed, some fans claim the twentieth century version of Santa came entirely from the omnipresence of Coke advertising. Beyond these images, Coke related antiques and collectibles dating back to the late 1800s have priced themselves out of the market for the average collector. Since the 1970s, many Coca Cola collectibles have been fabricated to mimic older items and passed off to those who didn't know better. Numerous trays and several of the calendars have definitely been reproduced and some of them are reported to be so close to authentic, they'll nearly fool an expert. There are counterfeit items from the high end to the low end when it applies to Coca Cola collectibles. Some items are actually newly manufactured to look like older items but they were never really existed in original form.

Coca-Cola Collectables Lot of 3 Car Air Freshener Vanilla - "One for the road" Official Coca Cola Company Cherry & Vanilla Airpure Hanging Car Air Freshener New-Target Favorite Day Vanilla Coated Candy Apple Pretzels. 8 0z New-Target Favorite Day Vanilla Candy Corn Shaped Gummy Candies. 9 0z 2006 Coca-Cola Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Mini Foam Football Promotional Item Vintage Diet Vanilla Coke Coca-Cola Chest Cooler w/ Drain Plug on wheels 36”x24” 2022 Coca-Cola Flavors Baunilha (Vanilla) Zero Sugar n' Calories Portuguese Can COCA COLA cans BENELUX/NL: 2 diff. COKE VANILLA, tall 250ml, 2016/18 & 2022 Vanilla ice cream Coca-Cola float ad 1966 Vintage Walmart Coca Cola Diet Vanilla Coke Cola Button Pinback Pin Vanilla Coke Cap Hat Adjustable Empty Can Coca-Cola ZERO Vanilla from Ukraine 330 ml. 2020. Bottom open! 12 Packs HORNET 1 1/4" 1.25 inch Flavored Rolling Papers Joint Wraps Blueberry 2 Coca Cola Coke Car Air Freshener Vanilla Bottle Logo & Polar Bear Always Cool VINTAGE COCA-COLA PROMOTIONAL PIN Diet Vanilla Coke NEW PEPSI NITRO VANILLA DRAFT COLA 13.65 OZ FULL CAN Soda Fountain Coca-Cola & Vanilla Syrup Ceramic Dispenser Pump Display 1920s USA Vintage Diet Vanilla Coke Coca Cola Lapel Pin Pinback NEW!! PEPSI NITRO DRAFT COLA & VANILLA COLA 13.65 OZ CANS (ONE OF EACH FLAVOR) NEW!!! PEPSI NITRO VANILLA DRAFT COLA 13.65 OZ CAN Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla Drawstring bag with Red Coca-Cola Logo - Coca-Cola with Coffee 70 calories 355ml 2x cans pack :  Vanilla & Dark Blend 42 COCA COLA CANS, light Caff/light Cherry Vanilla Life...., Holland, 1980's-NOW Glass Original Vanilla Coke - Vintage 2002 VINTAGE COCA-COLA PORCELAIN SIGN ICE COLD SOLD HERE SOFT DRINK ZERO VANILLA COKE COCA-COLA Orange-Vanilla 2019 NEW FULL 12 FL OZ Cans Coke USA Limited Edition x3 Vanilla Coke CD/DVD Holder Carry Case Black Vintage Holds 12 Single Discs Rare Black Vanilla Coke Coca Cola Store Adjustable Hat Cap - Brand New Empty - Singapore Coca Cola Vanilla Can Vintage Rubber Coke Bottle Vanilla 4" tall Vtg Vanilla Coke Zip Up Canvas Bag With Side Pockets Coca Cola Lip Smacker tin Cherry Vanilla Regular Diet Coke Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla Ice Pro Ad Preproduction Art Work Coca Cola Vanilla flavor : Vanilla coke,354 ml empty can, top opened, USA, 90's Vintage Coca-Cola cherry coke vanilla coke cooler coleman 48 Vintage coca cola black cherry vanilla Athletic Carry On bag zip Diet Coke Diet Coke Coca-Cola Try New Black Cherry Vanilla Ad Preproduction Art Work Hat Pin - Try Vanilla Coke - Coca Cola Pinback Promo Advertising Soft Drink White Coffee Mug “The Man ” by Red Vanilla Snowflake Christmas Ornament Handmade With Recycled Aluminum Cans You Choose Coca Cola 2 Gift Mug Set Vanilla Butter Cookies Vintage Vanilla Coke Coca Cola Strapback Hat Cap One Size 90’s Logo