He also used a unique script to write Coca-Cola which would became its trademark. Pemberton became sick, to what was thought as complications from his morphine addiction. He decided to sell his company and in 1887 Willis Venable and George Lowndes purchased two-thirds of the rights. In August 16, 1888, Pemberton passed away. In 1891, public attitudes were changing towards cocaine. It became general knowledge that cocaine could be harmful. Frank Allen describes that the negative aspects of cocaine were becoming a national debate. Accusations were being made that products containing cocaine were connected to cocaine addiction. For the reputation of the company, the amount of coca leaves used were cut back to trace amounts. The company did everything it could with the technology available to remove cocaine from Coca-Cola. Since the coca leaves gave Cola-Coca its name, and the name had to be protected since there was no patent, the coca leaves had to stay in as ingredient.

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