Coca-Cola has been a classic since the company was founded by Joseph Biedenharn in 1894. What has helped capture the American imagination is more than just the sweet, chilly taste of authentic Coke; the plethora of collectible items that has grown up around the company is enough to confound the imagination. Original Coca-Cola memorabilia is highly treasured by those who engage in this hobby. If it has the Coke logo on it, there is someone who wants it. When you speak of Coca Cola collectibles, you naturally begin with the famous bottles. The earliest ones have the greatest value. They were hand blown and mismatched as to color, form, and even size. The earliest of all had a rubber seal and a cap with a wire. However, since the taste of the drink was affected by the rubber, this closure didn't last very long. By 1910, the glass containers were machine crafted and standardized. The Coca Cola bottle shape everyone recognizes was adopted in 1916 and has endured since then.

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