Trays that are mint condition are extremely unusual and can cost the collector a pretty plenty, but it is well worth noting that common trays from the 1950s and even later have substantially fallen in price. During the late 1970s, there were reproductions of some of the most popular early trays reproduced by Coke, which are marked as reproductions on the back of the trays. Then again in the 1980s in honor of their 100th anniversary they also produced reproductions. Of course these are popular, but they are considerably less valuable than some of the originally produced trays. Collectors also enjoy collecting Cola Cola's famous bottles, with the early ones having the greatest value. These bottles are hand blown and are mismatched as to color, form, and even size. Earlier bottles were made with a rubber seal and the cap with a wire, but the taste was affected by the rubber so this type of top did not last long. The Coca Cola bottle shape that everyone all over the world recognizes was officially adopted in 1916. These bottles have become valued Coca Cola memorabilia no matter their age, and especially those that commemorate special events. When the introduction of aluminum cans came in the 1960's, commemorative and vintage cans also became collectibles but normally if they were unopened cans. The origins of Coca Cola� date as far back as 1885, when it was first named Pemberton's French Wine Coca.

vintage coca cola wall clock with neon light works Red & Green Coca Cola Neon Clock - Two Neon Rings VINTAGE COCA-COLA COKE (NEON) 15” DIAMETER CLOCK SEE ATTACHED PICTURES COCA-COLA 5C NEON ADVERTISING CLOCK COKE 26” Retro Coca Cola Atlanta Red Neon Wall Clock Wall Clock Coca Cola Neon Led Light Red Retro Bar Neon Clock Coca Cola Diner American Miscellaneous Goods Tin Signs Coca Cola Clock Neon Light American Miscellaneous Goods Coca-Cola Free shipping nationwide Immediate delivery In Stock Coca Cola Neon Clock Coca Cola Neonetics Drinks Coca Cola 1910 Classic Neon Wall Clock Paralle Free Shipping Nationwide Coca Cola Neon Clock (Delicious Refreshing) Amer Coca Cola Neon Clock American Retro Wall Clock Parallel Import Antique Retro Free Shipping Nationwide Coca Cola Neon Clock (Red Logo) American Miscellan Coca Cola Design Wall Clock Wall Mounted Retro Classic Neon Interior Stylish S Neat Coca-Cola Neon Spinner Clock Chicago IL. Works Great but Hums Retro Wall Clock Red & Green Neon Light Reliable Dorm Game Room Man Cave Bar Coca Cola Polar Bear Neon clock sign Wall lamp light Soda Machine Vendo 44 39 81 Coca Cola 5 Cent Bottle Logo Red Neon Clock Vintage Style 15" Rare Coca Cola wall clock antique Metal color silver /neon red Japan Collection 1930-1940s Coca-Cola Silhouette Girl Neon Round Spinner Advertising Clock Red & Green Coca Cola Neon Clock - Two Neon Rings Coca-Cola neon ring around the clock Coca Cola Coke Collectible Plasma Neon Wall Clock *BRAND NEW IN BOX** Man Cave 15" COCA COLA POLAR BEAR NEON CLOCK COCA COLA NEONS SODA ADVERTISING DINER DECOR Coca Cola Coke Soda Fountain Diner Man Cave Neon Clock Advertising Sign Coca Cola 30's Bottle Logo Red Neon Clock Repro Vintage Style Home Decor 15" Coca-Cola Polar Bear Neon Clock Retro Coca-Cola RED Neon Coke 15” Wall Clock Rare New Coca Cola Logo 14-inch Double Ring Neon Clock with Original Box and Power Supply Coca Cola Wall Clock with 2 Neon Light Rings Coca-Cola Penny Neon Clock LED electric signage store display vintage F/S 15"x15" Coca Cola Coke Neon Clock Garage Sign Double Man Cave Bar Open Decor 2009 "ENJOY COCA" Neon Clock Working * Please Read Coca-Cola Red Neon Polar Bear w/Cubs Chrome Quartz Wall Clock 15" Coca Cola Coke Double Neon Clock Light Sign Lamp Garage Wall Decor Glass 15" Coca Cola Coke Neon Clock Garage Sign Double Man Cave Bar Retro Open Decor Coca-Cola Classic Neon Look Clock with Red Neon - Drimk Coca-Cola in bottles COCA-COLA SODA NEON CLOCK *Gas & Oil / COCA COLA ADS / COCA COLA NEON CLOCK COCA COLA Wall Clock ART Deco Neon 2002 WORKS Batt/Elect Oper Chrome Finish Vintage Coca Cola Plastic Atomic Diner Clock By NPI Neon Products 11.5" x 20" Coca Cola Coke RED Neon Wall Clock Sign 15" Time Piece Tested Ice Cold Coca-Cola Neon Wall Clock - 14"