They celebrate their Coca-Cola Christmas bringing home a tree to their cave and sliding across the ice. They even borrow a bright winter night crescent moon to open their bottle of Coke. I personally love the one where the penguins are having their holiday party, drinking Coke of course, and boogieing the night away to "Little St. Nick" when the little polar bear cub comes sliding down the hill into the middle of their party. Of course, the baby penguin offers him a Coke and the friendship between them all begins as we see them start to dance the night away. That is the meaning of the holidays after all isn't it, coming together in Peace and Joy?When I hear a jingle on TV that catches my ear, it plays through my head throughout the day and sometimes even longer. I've even found myself humming the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial jingles out loud only to hear others around me join in or just seem to smile in recognition. I can't help but smile back. Who can forget the tune of "Holidays are Coming" as the streets lit up with the Coca-Cola truck all aglow and decked out in bright lights? "Fa la la la la Always Coca-Cola!" I don't know how Coke does it, but they find a way to remind people of the happiest times. It may be true that the holidays have become much more commercial than ever, but I think the true holiday messages are there if you listen for them. If the Spirit is truly in your heart, you'll feel the holiday magic all around you.