Collectors who begin a collection of Coca Cola memorabilia do not necessary focus on one particular item, but instead will general add anything that has the logo of Coca Cola to their collection. Collectors enjoy collecting true Coca Cola memorabilia, especially older ones that can be hard to find. A true Coca Cola antique has been manufactured for the Coca-Cola Company and have been licensed to be manufactured as well. Collectors will have collections contain this fabulous memorabilia that will contain bottles from Coca Cola to signs around the world from Coca Cola to polar bears from Coca Cola. Collectors can easily target fakes and reproductions that do not have the registered trademark and with the popularity and incredible volume of these collectibles. In the history of American manufacturing Coca Cola is a well known advertised products and the possibilities of collecting these products are limitless. The formula for Coke was developed in 1886 by a pharmacist and for over a hundred years this world renown product has been advertised in massive amounts. One of the most popular advertisement campaigns from Coke was their Santa Claus campaign, who projected a more wholesome image. The early advertisement prints feature individuals enjoying Coca Cola and collectors all over the world have sought after these early prints, which originated in 1931. Another huge collectible product is authentic Coca Cola trays, which have almost fifty different versions being manufactured. The older trays are the most valuable and show a Victorian lady enjoying a Coke.

2003 Coca-Cola Collectible Off-Road Hummer H2 Carrier Limited Edition.NEW IN BOX 1994 Limited Edition Coca-Cola Santa Clause Playing cards in a Collectible Tin Coca-Cola Classic Limited Edition 2001 Christmas Santa With Coke Bottle Sealed Flags of Freedom Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Cool Sport Coca-Cola Polar Bear 2001 1998 Coca Cola Coke 1:12 Scale Die-Cast Scooter Limited Edition-MIB Coca Cola 600 Liberty Classics Bi Wing Airplane Diecast Limited Edition 1993 Coca-Cola Christmas Santa Nostalgia Playing Cards W/Tin 1994 Limited Edition Vintage Clear Coffee Mug Coca Cola Santa & Polar Bears Coca-Cola 2000 Holiday Helicopter Carrier Limited Edition '62 Replica NEW Set Of 5 Vintage 1980 Holly Hobbie Coca Cola Christmas Glasses Limited Edition Cinnamon Coca-Cola 2019 Holiday Full Unopened 12oz. can Coke Limited Edition! 👀 Holly Hobbie Coca-Cola American Greetings Limited edition glass Happy Talk Vtg 1996 Limited Edition "Good Girls & Boys" Coca Cola Stein Tankard No. D4503 1997 Limited Edition "Season's Greetings" Coca Cola Stein Tankard No. A0215 3 Vintage Limited edition Romance of Coca-Cola series Tin Trays -IMPERFECT Read! 2007 Coca-Cola Limited Edition 1899 Circa Bottle 6 Pack Carton Unopened Vintage Christmas Holly Hobbie Coca Cola Tumbler Glasses Limited Edition 1977-79 NEW 2022 COCA-COLA Marshmallow Artist Collaboration Limited Edition Coke SET 2 Coca-Cola 2000 Holiday Helicopter Carrier Limited Edition '62 Replica NEW IN BOX Coca Cola Playing Cards Limited Edition Nostalgia 93/94 Sealed Collector Tin COCA-COLA EMMETT KELLY REFRESHES YOU BEST LIMITED-EDITION MUSICAL FIGURINE 1995 Vintage NOS 1998 Coca-Cola Nostalgia Playing Cards Limited Edition Sealed Cards Vintage Coca-Cola Christmas Playing Cards Limited Edition Collectible Tin Vintage 2001 Coca Cola Coke Hawaii Keychain Limited Edition Numbered 2022 Coca Cola McDonald's Europe Limited Edition Glass Pink Summer Edition 1996 Hallmark Keepsake Welcome Guest Coca Cola Santa Coke Christmas Ornament Set of 4 MCDONALDS LIMITED EDITION 2014 Sochi Olympics Coca-Cola pins sealed COCA-COLA Zero Sugar Soul Blast BLEACH POSTER Collaboration Complete Set of 3 JP Holly Hobbie Happy Talk Limited Edition Coca Cola Glass Vintage Holly Hobbie CocaCola American Greetings Limited Edition Christmas Glass 1998 & 1999 LIMITED EDITION FULL COCA COLA CLASSICS SANTA SEALED AND EMPTY Coca-Cola Christmas Santa Nostalgia Playing Cards W/Tin 1996 Limited Edition. Coca-Cola Marshmello Limited Edition 2 CANS 12oz white unopened Sprite❄️Winter Spiced🍒Cranberry 12oz Limited Edition Unopened Soda Single Can 1995 & 1998 LIMITED EDITION FULL COCA COLA CLASSICS SANTA SEALED & Full Wakanda Forever Limited Edition Coca Cola Container Disney El Capitan Theatre Coca-Cola 2002 Limited Edition Platinum Series Collection Polar Bear Ornament Coca-Cola Christmas Santa Nostalgia Playing Cards W/Tin 1996 Limited Edition New COCA COLA - Vintage Limited Edition Plate 1993 The Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA HADDON SUNDBLOM 60 ANNIVERSARY PIN SET LIMITED EDITION ONLY 500 made. 2 Holly Hobbie Christmas Limited Edition Glasses Coca Cola Coke Tumblers VTG