John Pemberton owned a chemist's store, and had invented numerous patent medicines. Despite his success, he focused on patenting a new drink that would earn him recognition in scientific history. The huge success of Vin Mariani, a wine which had coca leafs in as an ingredient, inspired Dr. Pemberton. He launched Pemberton's French Wine Coca in 1885. Pemberton made an improvement to Vin Mariani by adding kola nuts, another ingredient known for its medical properties. He advertised his drink as a nerve tonic, and an aid to overcome morphine addiction. In Pemberton's best interest, he decided to change the alcohol based drink, due to current attitudes towards alcohol. Alcohol would soon become illegal with the alcohol prohibition in 1920. Pemberton was convinced that the virtues of his drink were the coca leaves and kola nuts. By using these ingredients he focused on a new medical drink.

K-LINE K-6447 COCA COLA HISTORICAL CHRISTMAS EDITION BOXCAR #6447K-Line K-2625-02 COCA COLA POLAR BEAR Motorized Handcar & Trailer O Gauge *READ*K-line Coca-Cola 1993 2-Bay Coal Hopper Car w/ Coal Load K62512 USEDK Line Campbell's Train Cars And K Line Coca-Cola BoxcarK-Line K-7520 Coca-Cola "For All Seasons" Winter Reefer Car with BoxK-Line Coca Cola Coke O Gauge #6132 Illuminated Train Car CabooseK-Line Coca-Cola Nostalgic Wood Sided Reefer K762-5106 New In BoxCoca-Cola Pedal Bi-Plane Train Accessory + Banner K-Line Electric Red CokeK-Line Coca-Cola K-61640 Square Window Illuminated CabooseK-LINE BY LIONEL SCALE COCA COLA WOOD SIDE REEFER CAR! O COKE SODA POP FREIGHTK-Line Coca-Cola FOR ALL SEASONS Gondola #K-653602 -Christmas Train O/27K-Line O Scale Coca-Cola Historical Christmas Boxcar w/ Santa Car #K641-5104K-Line O Gauge Coca-Cola Engine Locomotive Tested Good Working OrderK-Line K-6471 Coca-Cola "For All Seasons" Spring Box Car with BoxK-Line K621-5101 Coca Cola 2000 Holiday Hopper EX/BoxK-line Coca-Cola Circus Flat Car w/ 2 Wagons K-666802 K-Line K691-5101 Coca-Cola AutoCarrier Car with 3 Red Ford Thunderbirds NIB K-Line K-653602 Coca-Cola "For All Seasons" Fall Gondola Car with BoxK-Line K-6616 K-Line Coca Cola Flat Car W/1991 HARTOY AHL MACK COE DELIVERY COCATHE COCA-COLA SANTA STEAM TRAIN SET K-Line K-1309Lionel 8473 Coca Cola NW-2 Diesel Switcher Locomotive + K-Line, KMTK-line Coca-Cola “Can’t Beat The Real Thing” Caboose NO BOX K-Line Coca-Cola O Gauge Car 6140 Box car Ultra RareK-Line K6632 Coca-Cola Flat Car NO Tractor Trailer.K-Line Coca Cola O Gauge #6132 Illuminated Caboose. Tested & Functioning. W/ BoxK-Line 6251 Coca Cola HopperK-LINE, 1998 COCA-COLA CHRISTMAS FREIGHT CAR, O GUAGEK-line Coca-Cola 1993 2-Bay Coal Hopper Car w/ Coal Load K62512 NEW1997 K-Line K641-5105 Coca Cola Dr. John Pemberton Box Car First ServingCOCA-COLA TRAIN ACCESSORY VEHICLES--LOT OF 4--K-LINEK-Line Coca Cola FLATBED TRUCK W/ TRAIN CABOOSE - by TaylorK-LINE K1000-100 COCA-COLA TTAX MODEL RAILROAD TRACTOR TRAILER TRAIN SET- NIBK-Line K-22380 Coca-Cola MP-15 Diesel Engine 0/027 GaugeK-LINE COCA COLA SET W/ DIESEL ENGINE AND 15” PASSENGER CARS FOR COKEK-Line K-1805 Coca-Cola Classic O-Gauge Set open box