Also, large sized bottles such as two- and three-liter family size bottles of Coca-Cola, could not carry the same signature contoured look on technical grounds. Is gift selection difficult for you for certain "hard-to-buy-for" friends and relatives? One possibility is adding to their collection of some kind of memorabilia, or even getting them started on a collection with some specific theme. Many people enjoy Coke, and like getting and collecting various articles with the familiar red logo. Best of all, Coca-Cola collectibles come in every price range and nearly every type of item. The company produces many seasonal and special items throughout the year. Many of the items, which range from clothing to coasters, are collectible. Some products cost just a few dollars, while others can cost several thousand dollars. Some collection items go up in value at an amazingly rapid pace, so make sure not to throw them away!If your gift recipient likes vintage presents or collects other antiques, historical Coca-Cola collectibles may be an even more appealing selection as a gift. Just like the newer collectibles, old bottles, vintage signs, and vintage vending machines come in a huge range of prices and choices. A working antique vending machine can be a really charming gift and many places still bottle the proper size bottles. Smaller items can be very affordable, even stocking stuffer prices for buttons, coasters, cards, and posters.

VTG 1941 PRICE LIST OF COCA-COLA CANDY, COCA-COLA CIGARS, COCA-COLA CHEWING GUM!COCA COLA PEPPERMINT CHEWING GUM 23" HEAVY DUTY USA MADE METAL ADVERTISING SIGN(3) COCA COLA PEPPERMINT CHEWING GUM HEAVY DUTY USA MADE METAL ADVERTISING SIGNCoca-Cola Advertisement "Chewing Gum" Original ArtCoca Cola Tray 1910 Gum Fruit Wood Dry Rack 17”W, 24” H Vintage Wall Art Advert Coca Cola Wooden Sign Coke Bottle Vintage Style Wall Decor Button Garage MovieBubble Chewing Gum Wrappers Collectible Vintage Coca Cola Tom and Jerry 9 piecesVintage Advertising Stamp w/ Gum Adh. Back - New England CokeDT86 Smart Watch Bracelet Breathing Training Dial Switch Multi-sports Mode Remot