It has an oak veneer finish with a 10" diameter full color logo and can accommodate up to eight cues. The pool table rack is also an officially licensed product and is regulation size. Both of these would be a wonderful addition in any pool fanatic's home. If darts are more to your fancy, then there is a great product for you as well. They have a vintage dart cabinet that is also an officially licensed product. It is a large 22" X 25" unit made from solid wood with a medium finish. Not only is there a large full color logo on the outside of the cabinet, but also two smaller ones about each scoreboard. That's right, I did say scoreboard. Not only do you get the cabinet with this Coca Cola� Product, but a regulation-sized board, two sets of three darts, and all the mounting hardware included. The nice part is that it can be purchased for just around a hundred dollars, what more could you want?All of these fine vintage Coca Cola� products and more can easily be found online. When purchasing any of these, make sure that each item has the Company Logo and not some cheap knock off.

SIGN BLACK KOW FLANGE SIGN In Bottles 2 SIDED TIN Metal Black Kow Reg US Pat Vintage Iced Coca-Cola Here Flange Sign Coke Sign Advertising Vintage 1940s Hires Rootbeer ICE COLD 2-Sided Metal Flange Soda Pop 18x14 Sign Coca-Cola Fountain Service 2 Sided With Flange Porcelain Enamel Sign COCA COLA 1940 store display metal sign salesman sample soda bottle FLANGE #2 COCA COLA 1940 store display metal sign salesman sample soda bottle FLANGE #1 1958 Coca-Cola "Ice Cold" Double Sided Tin Flange Sign VINTAGE Spanish Coca Cola Bottle Flange METAL SIGN siempre come frutas y verdura 1937 Coca-Cola Double Sided Tin Advertising Flange Sign by AAW Vtg 1950 Coca-Cola Spanish “Tome 5 Cents Aqui” Porcelain Flange Sign 19” Canada VINTAGE Tin Coca Cola Fish tail flange Sign 13.5 x10 B FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''COCA - COLA'' SIGN 18X22.5 INCH A-M 1-54 ORIGINAL FLANGE ''DRINK COCA-COLA'' PAINTED SIGN 20X23 INCH Vintage 2 Sided Coca-Cola Yellow Dot Bottle Flange Sign A.A.W-4-48 VINTAGE U.S.A. 7 UP SODA METAL FLANGE SIGN STOUT CO. ADVERTISING COCA COLA ERA FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''COLUMBUS SHOCK ABSORBER'' SIGN 19X12.5 INCH FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''WOLF'S HEAD OIL '' PAINTED METAL SIGN 17X22 INCH Coca Cola Flange Sign ANTIQUE 1949 USA COCA COLA SODA BOTTLE METAL FLANGE ART ADVERTISING DOUBLE SIGN 1946 Coca-Cola Flange Sign. 24inx22.5in. Painted Metal. Clean Vintage TOME Coca Cola Flange Tin Sign 60's or 70's Spanish Double Sided FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''COCA - COLA'' PAINTED SIGN 18X22.5 INCH A-M 9-57 **1940’s**Coca Cola~Coke *YELLOW DOT*Flange 2-Sided! Metal Sign FREE SHIPPING!!! FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''COCA - COLA'' PAINTED SIGN 18X15 INCH AM 39. Porcelain Coca Cola Enamel Sign Size 12" x 15" Inches Double Sided Flange Vintage Refrescate Aqui Coca Cola Flange Tin Sign Spanish Double Sided ANTIQUE USA COCA COLA SODA YELLOW DOT METAL FLANGE ART ADVERTISING BOTTLE SIGN VINTAGE COCA-COLA DOUBLE SIDED FLANGE SIGN STYLED AM 11-51 Classic Coca Cola Retro Bottle Metal Round Double Sided Flange Collectible Sign Disfruta Coca Cola Flange Metal Sign Spanish Coke FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''BARBER SHOP'' PORCELAIN SIGN 24X12 INCH 6 Vintage 1970s Coke Coca-Cola Metal Sign Set Lot Flange 19x28 Served With Ice Coca Cola Flange Sign Double Sided Fishtail Made in USA Coca-Cola Coke Drink FLANGED ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ''MAYFIELD ICE CREAM '' PAINTED TINSIGN 18X20 INCH 1960'S COCA COLA SIGN (BUY THE CASE} DOUBLE SIDED FLANGE Die Cut Coca-Cola Flange Sign Soda Fountain Store Cola Bottle Pop Beverage Coca Cola Flange Double-Sided Fishtail Sign of Good Taste Reproduction Sign VINTAGE ADVERTISING COKE COCA COLA SODA RACK SIGN HEADER W/ FLANGE M-230 COKE Coca-Cola - FISHTAIL Two Sided Flange Sign -STICKS OUT FROM WALL -Dated '99 Porcelain Ice Coca Cola Here Enamel Sign size 18" x 19" Inches 2 Sided Flange Porcelain Drink Coca Cola Enamel Sign Size 18" x 12" Inches 2 Sided Flange ORIGNAL SPRITE SODA,THE COCA COLA CO.OBDC tu sed advertising FLANGE SIGN,MEXICAN