The introduction of the first generation was marketed as a medicine, with the then popular ingredient, cocaine. When it became general knowledge that cocaine could be harmful, the company did what they could to remove it. With public health consciousness rising, Cola-Coca introduced a product that could appeal to these consumers. This product would have less sugar, and have vitamin enhancements. In 2007, Diet Coke Plus hit the shelves. This product took the already popular formula of diet coke, which was introduced to the public in 1982 and included vitamins. The formula contains aspartame, which is used as an alternate sweetener to sugar. Diet Coke already appealed to many consumers because it is sugar free. Coca Cola memorabilia and images have appeared throughout the years on a variety of products, which have become collectible antiques and collectibles. Collectors who begin a collection of Coca Cola memorabilia do not necessary focus on one particular item, but instead will general add anything that has the logo of Coca Cola to their collection. Collectors enjoy collecting true Coca Cola memorabilia, especially older ones that can be hard to find.