There is also something for just about every time in between!There are many unexpected "treasures" to be found in having collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia as your family's hobby. Not only does it provide the obvious time together when tracking down that special item, but it fosters communication about a common topic as well as an opportunity for practicing and improving reading and research skills while learning about Coke's history and their different memorabilia items. There are possibilities of meeting others involved in the hobby as well by becoming part of a Collectors group locally or in the nearest big city - also providing an opportunity for developing social skills and being exposed to people from different places. And although it leads back to the computer, doing some connecting with Collector groups on the Internet can encourage pen pals with a common (and safe!) interest as collector friendships build across the globe. Some families also use their collecting as a great way to choose vacation destinations. Where will Coca-Cola be releasing their newest collectible item? At the 50 year anniversary of Disneyland? What a great excuse to pack up and go on a roadtrip! There is a new production facility opening in Texas? What a great way to learn about what happens behind the scenes of your family's hobby than to include a visit there in an upcoming trip. Of course there is always The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia as an attraction unto itself. And in a topic closer to home, collecting can also be an opportunity to learn the value of money. Although this can be an extremely affordable hobby, saving for a particular big ticket item that somebody would like to have in their collection sets a good example of what it takes to earn and save. Everyone can also learn responsibility of having to care for their collection, depending of course on what their particular Coca-Cola memorabilia of choice to collect might be. There might be dusting, or cleaning or hanging involved that also adds skills to the treasure chest.

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