The Coca Cola bottle shape that everyone all over the world recognizes was officially adopted in 1916. These bottles have become valued Coca Cola memorabilia no matter their age, and especially those that commemorate special events. When the introduction of aluminum cans came in the 1960's, commemorative and vintage cans also became collectibles but normally if they were unopened cans. The origins of Coca Cola� date as far back as 1885, when it was first named Pemberton's French Wine Coca. It has come a long way since then, with new cola products available all the time. If you have never heard of Coca Cola� Products and their many offerings besides soft drinks, then you are in for a real big treat. With the many products that are offered, you are bound to find one that you like. You often will find Vintage lamps, Neon Clocks and many unique items that will keep a collector happy for many years. You can see perfect examples of many of these at well-known bars and pubs, and wherever you may find people playing pool or poker. One of the great products available are Vintage Tiffany Lamps that go over pool and poker tables. They are popularly available in two sizes, the long 40" lamps ideal for illuminating that tough shot.

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