It is a large 22" X 25" unit made from solid wood with a medium finish. Not only is there a large full color logo on the outside of the cabinet, but also two smaller ones about each scoreboard. That's right, I did say scoreboard. Not only do you get the cabinet with this Coca Cola� Product, but a regulation-sized board, two sets of three darts, and all the mounting hardware included. The nice part is that it can be purchased for just around a hundred dollars, what more could you want?All of these fine vintage Coca Cola� products and more can easily be found online. When purchasing any of these, make sure that each item has the Company Logo and not some cheap knock off. You won't get the same quality, and it certainly won't have the same value. If you're anything like me, you can feel it coming. the decorations go up, usually in the department stores first.

Vintage Coca-Cola Wood Crate Marked 1-46 Wooden Box 1946 Slatted Coke Box Old! Rare 1968 Drink Coca-Cola Yellow/Red Wood Soda Crate (Without In Bottles) W5 Vintage Wooden Coca Cola Coke Yellow Crate Marshall, TEXAS Vintage 1969 Yellow Wooden Wood 24 Bottle Coca-Cola Coke Crate Vintage, Coca-Cola 5c Mini Crate With 6 Plastic Bottles, 4"X2"X3" Coca Cola Coke Wooden Red Soda Pop Bottle Crate Carrier 4 Slot Box Vintage 67 12 Pack: 18" Wooden Crate by Make Market® RARE 1960's Graf's Refreshing Grapefruit-Lime Soft Drink Wooden Crate Vintage Wooden Coke Crate 1972 Delta Red White Enjoy Coca Cola Soda Pop Crate Wooden Coca Cola Crate Vtg 24 Pack Utilitarian Advertising Collectible Soda STL Danbury Mint 1938 Coca-Cola Delivery Truck 1:24 Scale Diecast w/ 136 Coke Crates Kurt Adler COCA-COLA Polonaise 4 Glass Ornaments in Wood Crate ~ Polar Bear Coke Coca Cola Wooden Crate 24 Bottle Yellow Antique Collectible Vintage Miniature Coca-Cola 24 Count Plastic Painted Liquid Bottles in Red Crate Coca-Cola Crate Red White Wood Vintage Box Carrier Caddy 1950's Coca-Cola Mini 2.5" Bottles w/Caps & Cardboard Crate - Bill's Novelties COKE CRATE HAT RACK SET 2 REPURPOSED PANELS WOODEN WHITE PEGS WALL COCA COLA. Coca Cola Coke Crate With 12 Bottles Miniature Doll House Display Vintage Coca Cola Huskylite Red Plastic Stackable Carrying Tray Crate Gd ~19 x 3 Plastic ORANGE Coca Cola 16 Crate Coca Cola Crate with 6 Mini 3in Tall Bottle Multi Language Advertising Dollhouse Vintage Style Case of 24 Pack Coca-Cola bottles in Crate Magnet 2" Vintage Chattanooga 1967 Coca Cola Crate VINTAGE COCA COLA RED PLASTIC 2 LITER BOTTLE CRATE - REHRIG PACIFIC CO. Vintage Coca Cola Red Molded Plastic Crate 24 Bottle Carrier Model 16/20P-1HD-24 VTG OLD 1979 ENJOY COKE COCA COLA Wooden Soda Pop Crate Carrier Wood Box Case 2 Vintage COCA COLA, Red Chattanooga Wood Crate 1972 & 1978, Wooden bottle Box Hawthorne Village, Coca-Cola Holiday Village St. Nick's Pharmacy With FOAM CRATE COCA-COLA Polonaise Glass Ornaments - Set of 4 in Wood Crate- Kurt Adler 1996 Vintage Coca Cola 12 Miniature Mini Coke/ Sprite Bottles Crate of 12 Pack 1988 Vintage Cast Iron White Coca-Cola Delivery Truck with Bottles in Crates Coca-Cola Wooden rustic Crate 45x25x25 cm reproduction Vintage Coca-Cola plastic crate, can crate. NOS 1995 Mini COCA COLA Crate Caddy of 6 pack Bottles Magnet Carrier Plastic NEW Lot Of 4 minature coca cola Coke Bottles crates 1994 ERTL Coca Cola Diecast Metal Bank 1931 Hawkeye Santa Delivery Truck Crates 12 Mini Glass Bottles Tome Drink Coca Cola, Metal Caps, Wood Crate Case Old Rare LOT 3 Vintage Coca Cola Coke Wood Crate Raisinrak Art License Plate 3x Lot of 3 Used COCA COLA Black Plastic Bottle Crate Caddy Carrier 3x Lot of 3 Blue Pepsi Plastic Crate Carrier Rack For 24 20oz Bottles Vintage Pepsi Cola Wood Delivery Crate Box & Coca-Cola Plastic Holder Vintage 1955 Coca-Cola Wooden Crate