In addition to the vintage and older Coca-Cola clocks, in more modern times all sorts of watches and clocks have been made and continue to be very popular items. They make perfect gifts for Coke aficionados of course, but many who don't have collections still have a fondness for the brand and enjoy even a single item. Clocks, after all, are imminently practical. There are even pins made that are replicas of these Coca-Cola clocks, and people who specialize in pin collections and those who specifically collect advertising and logo clocks all seem to enjoy these attractive pins. They make excellent decorations for gift packages as well, and can hint at the kind of present inside to tease a collector. Coca-Cola clocks may be either modern replicas or authentic vintage models. Either can be very valuable. New clocks containing sophisticated electronic chronometers and replicas of the old clocks may be just as expensive as the real vintage ones. They may even cost more at a sale or auction. The making of vintage replicas is a thriving business which sometimes provides an affordable alternative to the real thing. In these fast moving times with video games and computers enticing children of all ages, it can be tough to get your kids to play outside with friends, let alone to do something together with their family.

New Castle, PA Pittsburg Street Bridge DB PD 1911 Coca Cola & Jewelry Signs A4 LOT (2) VINTAGE 1950s COCA COLA PREMIUMS DIE CUT CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS/CARDBOARD Vintage 1958 Coca-Cola Cardboard Sign King Size COKE Counter Top Advertising 17 coca cola Clown original vintage cardboard signs 2 Sided 1950 1950 s  Coca Cola / Coke Cardboard Sign 27-1/2" x 56-1/2". RARE Vintage ORIGINAL Postcard 4x6 MO Lamberts Cafe Restaurant Coca Cola Sign Road View Ozark Missouri coca cola santa claus cardboard sign 2005, snacks,lights,plenty of snacks Vintage 1982 Markatron Coca Cola “Coke Is It” Advertising Metal/Cardboard Sign! Vintage 1991 Coca Cola Wherever I go Cardboard Santa Clause Christmas Display! OMAHA HILTON HOTEL COCA-COLA COKE SIGN ADVERTISING OMAHA NEBRASKA POSTCARD 1970's Coca-Cola / Fresca Santa Cardboard Easel Sign Coca-Cola Christmas Santa Claus Corrugated Cardboard Banner Rolls x 2 - Wall Art Norumbega Mall Bangor Maine Linen Postcard Circa 1940s Coca Cola Sign Vintage Holiday Ideas Coke Coca Cola Santa Christmas Soda Cardboard Sign Standee vtg 1985 COCA COLA ADVERTISING cardboard SIGN REFRIGERATOR PERRY CHICAGO BEARS vtg 1986 COCA COLA ADVERTISING cardboard SIGN MAX HEADROOM 24x18" COKE RARE 1960 COCA COLA CARDBOARD SIGN ORIGINAL ALUMINUM FRAME DISPLAY Vintage Coca Cola Santa w/ Bottle Christmas Cardboard Sign Advertisement D 5 Coca Cola Diecut Cardboard Signs 1944 Service Girls WWII Counter Top Display 1970s Coca Cola Sprite Keep Up Tradition Christmas Cardboard Sign Santa A Coca Cola Santa on Cardboard Advertising Stand Sign 25.6" Holiday Soda Christmas Main Street West From Front Street Rochester NY Coca Cola Sign Postcard B15 Vintage COCA COLA FOOTBALL POSTERS 21 3/4" X 12 3/4" A098 / AD015C CARDBOARD Rare 2001 Coca Cola Santa Snowglobe Hallmark Cardboard Ad. Store Display 36"×38" Vintage Coca Cola Original Cardboard Sign Wooden Frame 1886-1936 Size 8x7 Vintage, Coca-Cola Cardboard Printed Sign, "Play Refreshed" 1991 SEALED 13"X6" 1940s Coca Cola Santa Claus Cardboard Carrier Holder Great condition! FREE SHIP Coca-Cola original cardboard signs. Express Your Love For Coca-Cola Products. "Hollywood Boulevard at Night" Classic Cars Coca-Cola Sign Cinerama VTG UNP Vtg Chrome Postcard Kingsland Georgia GA Elmo's Cafe Restaurant Coca Cola Sign 1970's Coca-Cola Store Display Cardboard Sign For Betty Girl Tray 21”x17” Oval Vintage Lot Of 10 “ Christmas Theme Cardboard Display/Hanging Signs”. Vintage Coca-Cola Spanish Mexico Sun Drinking Coke Cardboard Double sided Sign COKE FROZEN 1960s soda store sign diner movie theater Coca Cola ICICLE CARDBOARD Vintage Coca Cola Cardboard Sign- Nice Version- Canadian ROSEMOUNT MOTEL COCA-COLA SIGN US 50 & INDIANA 37 BEDFORD INDIANA POSTCARD N-1 Vintage Coca Cola Gum Cardboard Advertising Collectible Easel Back Sign Used Vintage 1950s Enjoy Coca Cola Santa Christmas Bottle W/ puppy Cardboard Vintage Postcard KS M.K. & T. Station Offices Parsons Kansas Coca Cola Sign Cars Vintage Santa Christmas Coke Cardboard Store Display Sign 1967 COCA COLA CARDBOARD BASEBALL PLAYERS BOTTLE CAP COUNTER TOP SIGN STAND Newport, Kentucky Postcard Monmouth Street Coca Cola Old Cars PM 1948 A2*