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By using these additives he concentrated on a new medical drink. He replaced the wine with a must-have oils, but the drink was too bitter. He added sugar to sweeten it, but it became too sweet. He decided to add citric acid to counterbalance the overpowering sweet flavor. His efforts paid off, and he invented a new product. He soon launched Pemberton Chemical Company in partnership with Frank Robinson. Robinson gave Pemberton the advertising and marketing competencies he had to advertize his product. By placing the names of the two scientific ingredients in combination, Robinson came up with the name Coca-Cola. He also used a completely unique script to write Coca-Cola which would became its trademark. Pemberton became sick, to what was concept as issues from his morphine dependancy. He determined to sell his company and in 1887 Willis Venable and George Lowndes bought two-thirds of the rights.


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