An excellent source for finding Coca-Cola memorabilia is the internet. Searching the term will give literally thousands of hits and you can also find tons on popular online auction sites. Vintage Coca-Cola machines are valued by many Coke memorabilia collectors, and many even want an old Coca-Cola machine that will actually vend the drinks. Fortunately, many of these machines have survived and there are many dealers who sell them, restore them and provide parts for repairs and do-it-yourself restorations. Often, some of the most antique Coca-Cola machines are not much more than a metal box with the recognizable Coca-Cola script logo emblazoned across it. Essentially these were ice boxes designed specifically to be stocked with bottles of Coke and ice. Glascock was one manufacturer of such early vending units. After these early vintage Coca-Cola machines that weren't much more than a glorified ice-box, came a refrigerated unit that didn't need ice. While it did have some advantages over its predecessor, such as a cleaner operation without the ice, it did have to be near an electric outlet and could require costly fixes. Coin operated vending machines came next in common use and popularity, although some were seen as early as the end of the 19th Century. The history of coin operated machines actually goes back to the 1st Century when a coin resulted in vending holy water.

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