For the reputation of the company, the amount of coca leaves used were cut back to trace amounts. The company did everything it could with the technology available to remove cocaine from Coca-Cola. Since the coca leaves gave Cola-Coca its name, and the name had to be protected since there was no patent, the coca leaves had to stay in as ingredient. In 1902 the trace amounts were as little as 1/400 of a grain of cocaine per ounce of syrup. Coca-cola became completely cocaine free in 1929 . The year 1983. This generation marks the first flavor change since the existence of Coca-Cola. This change was mainly influenced by that the fact the Coca-Cola market share had fell 2. 5% percent in 4 years. Each percentage lost equals approximately 200 million dollars. This may have been a result of competitors, Pepsi-Cola, success.

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