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4% as well as consumer proceedings result in the resolution to bring back the customary system. The return of "Classic" Coke interrupted ABC's "General Hospital" to interrupt the inside track. The customary formulation was sold in addition to the hot version, by 1986, the recent Coke, only had a 3% market share. In 1990, it was renamed, Coke II, but had just about vanished, though it remains to be sold in the Midwest of america. Today, consumers are fitting more health-aware. The Food Standards Agency conducts surveys to trace changes in behavior and perspective, with regards to food criteria and safety, enabling trends to be measured. People are taking a more active interest of their diet by checking labels, and looking to eat more fruits and vegetables. Surveys have shown that 43% of individuals in 2000 were aware that we should always eat at least five portions of fruit and greens a day, and in 2005 that number greater to 67%. More people are checking the dietary counsel on food labels. About 48% of people say they check the sugar content, expanding from 28% in 2000. The Coca-Cola Company has shown an interest in their customer's attitudes against health.


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