This clock will last for years, and even comes with a one-year warranty. With just a pull of the chain, you have your choice of a steady glow, or even flashing neon! What a great way to add some nostalgia to your d�cor. But that's not all! There are many other products available. If vintage pool products are what you're after, there is a billiard ball rack, and well as a pool cue rack. The pool cue wall rack is a two-piece unit, officially licensed by the company. It has an oak veneer finish with a 10" diameter full color logo and can accommodate up to eight cues. The pool table rack is also an officially licensed product and is regulation size. Both of these would be a wonderful addition in any pool fanatic's home. If darts are more to your fancy, then there is a great product for you as well. They have a vintage dart cabinet that is also an officially licensed product. It is a large 22" X 25" unit made from solid wood with a medium finish.

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