Coca-Cola collectibles can be used to display as a collection or even to decorate the home. The collector always keeps an eye out for any piece of memorabilia that is interesting, offbeat, rare, or fun. Many individuals feel good when they look over Coke collectibles. Indeed, the long running slogan "Have a Coke and a smile!" has worked its way into our collective consciousness. That is not the only instances of the beverage company hiring savvy marketing people. Coke has long used Saint Nicholas to draw people to their product. Indeed, some fans claim the twentieth century version of Santa came entirely from the omnipresence of Coke advertising. Beyond these images, Coke related antiques and collectibles dating back to the late 1800s have priced themselves out of the market for the average collector. Since the 1970s, many Coca Cola collectibles have been fabricated to mimic older items and passed off to those who didn't know better. Numerous trays and several of the calendars have definitely been reproduced and some of them are reported to be so close to authentic, they'll nearly fool an expert. There are counterfeit items from the high end to the low end when it applies to Coca Cola collectibles.

Coca Cola CITY DINER CANISTER COLLECTION Trinket Box Issue 1997 143 LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES COCA-COLA BASKETBALL PIN # KK143 DECATEL COCA COLA ref PUB143 Prepaid Card 1993 Coca Cola Series 1 Collectors Trading Cards, Coke Cap - Your Choice 1932 FORD 3 WINDOW COUPE ROAD SIGNATURE SCALE 143 NO.94231 RED COCA COLA CAR JACKSONS POINT MAIN ST. WITH COCA COLA SIGN RPPC RARE REF: RICH143 SUMMERS POCKET GUIDE TO COCA COLA 143 PAGES PAPERBACK Prepayee intercall pu143 la voix du nord ref int78 Lot of 10 1950s-1980s Coca-Cola 10"x6.5" Paper Advertisements Print Ads E02-143 1994 Collect-A-Card The Coca-Cola Collection Series 2 1943 #143 fm0 Coca Cola Series 2 Singles (1994 Collect A Card) 143 Guy Face with Cans Coca-Cola Pepsi Sprite 7up Beer Abstract vintage photo 1994 COCA-COLA SERIES 3 SPECIAL INSERT CARD #SI-3 SPRITE BOY (NS-143) Australian Avant Postcard 2010 Coca Cola Zero Sugar #14237 143 1994 Coca-Cola #143 1943 (Service Girls art) 1994 COCA COLA SERIES 2 SINGLE TRADING CARDS **YOU PICK** COCA COLA - 1996 - SIGN OF GOOD TASTE - CARD No # 12 (C-143X ) 1994 Collect-A-Card The Coca-Cola Collection Series 2 #143 Vintage King Size Coke Bottle Box *j143 The Coca Cola Collection-Series 2-1994 Cards-[No 143,144,145]-L2888-3 Card The Coca Cola Collection-Series 2-1994 Cards-[No 143,144,145]-L2874-3 Card Huge 12ft. or 143x41" Authentic painted die cut Coca Cola Coke Bottle Sign 1961 Vintage MARYVILLE TENN Coca Cola Coke 6 1/2 oz Bottle Hobbleskirt (PB-143) Coca-Cola Trading Cards - Series 2 - 1994 T024_143 35mm Slide 1993 GA Atlanta World of Coca Cola Fountain at Hotel Coke Coca Cola Vending Machine Jacobs 143 Quality Metal Fridge Magnet 3x4 9886