Despite legitimate concerns about authenticity, it remains possible to avoid reproductions and other fakes and enjoy the hobby of collecting Coke products. Great items are available in any price range, making the hobby accessible to anyone who loves Coca Cola memorabilia. Throughout the civilized world, Coca-Cola advertising is incredibly well known and instantly identified. The company has for a very long time recognized that collectibles are a fine way to advertise among fans and those not yet devoted to their brand of soda. Items can be found to appeal to nearly any individual of any age and taste. Some collect Coca-Cola clocks, signs, pins, sweatshirts and thousands of other memorabilia and objects both for their practical uses and for their logo. Their Christmas Santa appears on mugs, clothing and dozens of other objects and brings in sales year after year. Creation of this Santa in 1931 is believed to have popularized what we associate with how Santa looks. Clocks with the Coca-Cola logo were originally made to be displayed in stores that sold the brand and many clocks also say "Sold Here". They were often given to store owners free of charge as an incentive to be used in the store. Some clocks were quite simple in design while others were more elaborate and incorporated things such as neon lighting.

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